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Run a spotless business without hurting the environment.

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Schedule Around Your Hours

Your business comes first, and we understand that you don’t want cleaning to get in the way of that.  We offer flexible scheduling that allows you to set our ours around yours.  If you’d prefer we clean during normal business hours, we can.  If you’d rather we come before you open or after you close, we can certainly do that too.

Professional Grade Cleaning

Being environmentally conscious is wonderful, but it doesn’t mean a thing if your business isn’t clean.  Our highly trained staff employs the latest industry standard cleaning techniques and uses professional grade products that are also environmentally friendly.  In fact, in some cases, the environmentally friendly products outperform their harmful chemical counterparts.

Always Eco Friendly

Our products are always environmentally friendly.  We don’t cut corners, and we don’t use products that just say “green” on the label.  We’ve done our research, and we have a deep and thorough understanding of how to handle cleaning the right way.  Not only does this benefit the environments, but it helps the overall health of you and your employees as well.  Chemical cleaners have fumes, and those fumes can have some serious negative health consequences.  Our organic products avoid that problem entirely and help protect your health.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As nice as it would be, we don’t need you to take our word for it.  We offer a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.  We strive for perfection, and nothing short will do.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, we will do our best to resolve them.  Focus on your business, not keeping it clean.


"What I like best about Shore Organic Cleaning is walking into my newly cleaned home and not smelling the strong odor of chemical cleaners."

Debra R. - Wall, NJ

"As a senior citizen I really appreciate the willingness of the staff to go the extra mile. Getting the hard to reach nooks and corners. After three visits my house feels like a home again! Very excited to have my family home for the holidays to see the difference Shore Organic Cleaning has made."

Liz C. - Manchester, NJ

"As a businessman I attempted to maintain my office and facility in-house. Hiring Shore Organic Cleaning has been the best decision I have ever made this year. The results that I am getting are far and above what we were able to do. Plus, were saving a lot of money we can put back into our company as working capitol."

Tony C. - Point Pleasant, NJ

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