America’s obsession with keeping everything “ultra-clean” may just be killing it… literally. For decades, the chemical cleaning industry has sold the public the idea that its products are absolutely necessary to keep their homes clean an safe. But, just how safe are those chemical products themselves?

A quick look at many of these products will reveal at least one basic warning. If these products were really that safe, why are so many warnings necessary? Evidence is mounting that these products are not only unsafe, but downright hazardous.

Studies conducted over the past several years are showing that household cleaning products based on chemical compounds are dangerous in both the short and long term. Plus, they cause substantial damage to the environment. These chemicals are linked to allergies, asthma, hormonal changes, and cancer. In fact, it is estimated by the World Health Organization that 80% of cancers are caused by environmental factors such as exposure to hazardous chemicals.

What may be the scariest fact is; we simply don’t know the full risk or impact of these chemicals. For decades, the US Government has allowed to chemical cleaning companies to not disclose the ingredients of these cleaning products found in the majority of American homes. There is virtually no oversight into what goes into these products, and companies are only required to put those intentionally vague warnings on their packaging.

The first step in choosing to abandon traditional chemical cleaning is to understand the harmful ramifications of its use. If you want to get started with natural, organic cleaning, CONTACT US.

This article comes courtesy of the University of Minnesota. To read the full article, head over to their website here:

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